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ABA Part 2 Oral Board Examination

Now that you have passed the ABA written examination, there is just one more hurdle between you and board certification: The ABA Part 2 Oral Board Examination. This exam is unlike any other test you have prepared for thus far. It is structured specifically to test your ability to function as an anesthesiology consultant. The examiners want to know if you can walk into a clinical scenario, formulate a quick and accurate assessment, and devise a plan of action, while maintaining patient safety as your paramount goal. Moreover, you must be able to communicate your thoughts and rationale succinctly and accurately. These skills cannot be assessed by a multiple choice or essay exam so therein lies the need for an oral examination.


The skills you must develop to pass the ABA Oral Exam are the same skills required of an anesthesiology consultant. These skills make clear the distinction between an anesthesiology consultant and a physician who delivers anesthesia on a day-to-day basis. A consultant is a professional who not only takes care of patients but also possesses the skill set and knowledge to critically analyze any clinical scenario to offer expert advice. As a consultant, you are an expert in your field, and your expertise will be sought out by other medical providers and patients.


There is no doubt that board certification is vital to your continued professional success. Becoming board certified means that you as a physician have met a minimum competency requirement set forth by the American Board of Anesthesiology. This is becoming increasingly important to patients as well as hospitals and anesthesiology groups that require board certification as a condition of continued employment. So let’s approach this exam as an opportunity to master and fine-tune the skills that will prepare you to become a successful anesthesiology consultant.

Student Testimonials

Nail the boards has literally secured my future.  Having passed the writtens, one last exam ( ie, oral) stood before me and partnership, before me and securing the future for my family- No one exam had such high stakes riding on it, not to mention the embarrasment and let down one feels to colleagues and family if failure results.  Nail the boards and Dr. Susan Payrovi's method of mock oral exams helped me in achieving my goal on passing this 'monster' exam on the first try.  Wth Dr Payrovi's help we covered many topics of my chosing to shore up my weakness, and at the same time gain the confidence required of a consultant anesthesiologist.  Her insight, committment and fund of knowledge gave me the edge I needed to succeed with this exam.  Everyone can pass with hard work, but only few can teach how to succeed!

Dr. E.G.,
A.B.A. Diplomate